How to take care of the right wayób nutrition of children and adolescents and convince them to regularly eat Polish vegetables and fruitsów, whichóre are a valuable source ofóa source of vitamins? Parents and their children will be reminded 5. edition of the campaign „Time for a tomato, or how not to love Polish vegetables and fruitsów". It is intended to encourage the formation of healthy habitsóin nutrition from an early age and suggest how to introduce these products into the daily diet.

We are reaching for vegetables and fruits more and more willingly and consciously include them in our diet – but not always in the right quantities. According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization 1 (WHO), every day we should eat 400 grams (approx. 5 servings) of these productsów. Meanwhile, in Poland their daily consumption does not exceed 250 grams, while a statistical European in one day can eat as much as 600 grams on average. 2 As experts emphasize, a diet devoid of fruitów and vegetables can lead to obesity and overweight, significantly affects the deterioration of our health, poor well-being and lack of energy, in particularólity in children.

– Complete and zróA balanced diet provides the body with the necessary ingredientsóin nutritional. Eating 5 servings of fruitów and vegetables daily is an easy and effective way to replenish needed vitamins and mineralsów. We can incorporate such portions into our child's breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner, which will contribute to its proper development and functioning of the whole organism – mówi Magdalena Jarzynka-Jendrzejewska, campaign expert „Time for a tomato…” – Our goal is to motivate children to eat vegetables and fruits more oftenów. This will help them enjoy better well-being and good health in the future – adds.

So what to do to eat consciously and healthily? The goal of the campaign „Time for a tomato” is to form good habitsóIn the nutritional section of theód to the youngest children and show their parents the benefits of eating the right portion of vegetables and fruitsóin a daily.

– During this year's edition of the campaign, we are continuing activities aimed, to schół.
This is where children spend most of their time and form their tastes, including culinary and taste preferences. Kindergartens and elementary schools from all over the country will be invited to participate in an educational program, thanks to whichóhe youngest will expand their knowledge of Polish productsów and learn why they should eat them every day – móAgnieszka Falba-Gałkowska of the Federation of Industry Associations of Agriculture, Food and Agriculture in Polandóin the Produceróin Agricultural.

During the 5. The edition of the campaign will be held on róAlso vegetable and fruit workshops in selected kindergartens and elementary schools and competitions for children and parentsów. „Time for a tomato” It will also appear at the Poznaj Dobra Zywnosc (Meet the Good Food) picnic in Warsaw and during happenings at selected outdoor events in the country. On the campaign website you can read more about. of proper nutrition for children, as well as interesting recipes for dishes using Polish vegetables and fruitów, prepared by a specialist nutritionist and food bloggers.

The organizer of the activities, financed with funds from theóThe Fruit Promotion FundóThe Federation of Branch Associations of Polish Agriculture, Food and Vegetables is the most valuable source of food in Polandóin the Produceróin Agricultural.

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