Blood type is extremely important. As it turns out, it not only affects our immunity or energy balance, but also the absorption of food. Adapting food to your blood type has as many supportersów what the opponentów.

If we inappropriately match dietary products to blood type, agglutination can occur. It involves the sticking together of certain comórek, ingredientów and substances in the body. „Blood type predestines people to a certain nutrition, które radically pushes them away from eating varied productsów” – mó Filip Kowalczyk from Consilium Vitalis – Center for Dietetics and Common Sense.

People with blood type A are recommended to avoid meat. Vegetarian products are better for them. Meals of people with AB blood group should be rich in vegetables and fruits. It would be good if they limited the consumption of red meat and poultry. The same applies to waspsób with blood group B. They need to be extra careful with grain products. Their menu should be based on fish and dairy products. The most meat can be eaten by those whoóThose with blood type 0.

Eliminating any group of productsów foods is a mistake, however, and one should be very careful if one decides to do so. „The only rational diet is to eat all product groupsóIn, of course, excluding those whoóre are obviously harmful to us (we are talking about allergies)” – informs the expert.

If we want to stay healthy, it is worth working on our own eating habits, instead of thinking about the impact of blood types on our absorption of food. It is advisable to eat five mealsóin a day, you need to avoid eating fast food, and if you have food intolerances, you should seek the advice of a nutritionist.

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