We are aware of the negative effects of salt on health. 78% of Polesów knows that excess of this spice leads to hypertension. Despite this sól still królaces in the Polish kitchen. As many as 60% of us believe that dishes without this substance have no taste.

„GlóThe main ingredient in salt is sód – A microelement needed by the body, but in small amounts. Salt is sufficient to consume 5 grams a day, which is the amount that one teaspoon can hold. However, we eat two or three times more” – mówi service infoWire.pl Iwonna Niegowska, Knorr brand nutritionist. Sól with reduced sodium content uses only 7% of Polesów.

Healthier than table salt is sól sea. Admittedly, it has as much sodium as sól brewed, but it is richer in trace elements, primarily iodine. It is recommended to róalso sól Himalayan, whichóra contains sulfates and iron, and unprocessed sól stone.

Reduce salt intake is sought by 40% of us. How to preserve the taste and aroma of food in the process? „It is worth reaching for spices: ready-made mixtures of herbs andół, pepper, marjoram or garlic” – advises an expert.

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