46% Poleów e eat out more than five times a month, 15% regularly go to restaurants. Ci, whichóers who eat out almost every day should look for a good caterer, so that their meals are not only tasty, but also healthy.

When choosing a place, let’s not just suggest prices, but what it has to offer. You can eat good and healthy zaróIn both an expensive restaurant and a milk bar. It all depends on what you choose from the menu.

„It is worth analyzing the dishes served in restaurants and go to the one thatóra has a wide range of surówks, salads and vegetables” – móinfoWire.en Iwonna Niegowska, Knorr brand nutritionist. The asset of the menu will be róAlso the presence of lean meats, productóin whole grains and fruit dessertów. Avoid baróin those serving excessively large portions and meats that are too fatty.

Dishes are better not to salt anymore, unless you ask the cook in advance not to season the dish, because you want to do it yourself, according to your own taste.

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