How to advertise cheaply on Google AdWords? Google Ads strategies with a small budget

Many fledgling, growing brands opt out of advertising on the world's most popular search engine because of the belief that it is an expensive endeavor, designed for the biggest players in the market. Incorrectly! A campaign in Google Adwords can also be run effectively with a small financial outlay. Find out what Google Ads strategies are implemented in such a situation.

Google Ads – money is not everything

One of the mental traps that it is easy to fall into at the beginning of the adventure with Google ads is the belief that a high budget is a guarantee of success. It might seem that the more you invest in Google Adwords , the better the effect of advertising will be. Unfortunately, it is not that simple!

Of course, a large budget makes it much easier to run an advertising campaign, but the guarantee of its success is, first of all, the right marketing strategy and optimization of the effects that its actions bring. In other words – how much you invest is not the most important thing for your brand. The most important thing is to invest wisely.

How much does advertising cost Google Ads ? PPC in practice

Search advertising is billed in the PPC (pay per click) system – you pay for each click of the user on the promoted link. How much? Prices vary widely and range from a few pennies to as much as several thousand zlotys per single click.

Google Ads strategy – set a goal

The first step in planning a Google AdWords campaign should be to set a goal, i.e. answer the question of what I want to achieve through advertising? Some of the most popular goals in Google Ads strategies include:

– increase in sales – increase in the number of users who buy the brand's products and increasing profits from sales,

– gaining new audiences – Increase the number of users who take a specific action on the site (e.g. filling out the contact form),

– getting more traffic to the site – more users who end up on the brand's site and can learn more about the brand's business,

– increase the number of users of the application – increase in the number of people who choose to install the promoted mobile application,

– building brand awareness – Introduce the offer, service or product to as many users as possible in order to increase their recognition and popularity.

Naming and accurately defining your advertising target is essential for planning the optimal budget – especially if it is tight!

Google Ads Quality Score – why you need to monitor it?

Once you've chosen your campaign target, it's essential to track the indicator closely Quality Results – It illustrates the extent to which the landing page (the site to which the ad is directed in Google AdWords ) meets users' expectations. The algorithm checks the extent to which the content of the site responds to the queries that are typed into the search engine, whether the site is easy to use, how fast its various elements load.


Google Ads Quality Score directly translates into the price of PPC and the position of your ad.

A small budget actually excludes the possibility of mistakes, so It's important that you carefully prepare the content of your website, the content of your display ad and the keywords for your campaign. This will reduce the cost of user acquisition and make advertising more effective.

Keywords in Google Ads

For campaigns with a limited budget, it's a good idea to forgo using the most general keywords, such as hairdresser Warsaw, Italian restaurant, children's clothes. Ads using them will definitely be more expensive, and the chance of conversion will be lower – after all, it's hard to determine exactly what a person who types one of the given search terms into a search engine is looking for.

Ideally, you should focus on phrases that accurately describe your offer (pay attention to the features of your product or service that stand out from the competition) and on specific phrases (so-called "keywords"). Long tail phrases), e.g. sombre coloring with natural dyes, vegan Neapolitan pizza delivery Ursinus, organic cotton uniform bodysuits.

The more specific the phrases you choose, the greater the chance that users interested in exactly what you offer will come across your ad.

Targeting in Google AdWords

Google Ads strategies largely boil down to targeting, i.e narrowing the audience of your ad, Based on the location of users, the time of day or the device they are using. Proper targeting ensures that your budget is spent on ads displayed to the people you really want to reach.

For example, if you want to promote a pizzeria in Lodz's BaƂuty district that delivers food to the neighborhood for free, you can opt out of an ad displayed to all Lodz residents.

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