Vacations are often a time of rest not only from work and school, but also healthy eating. Polak halfów more often buys inóduring fast food. What to eat on vacation to bring home only beautiful memories, not extra pounds?

Summer resorts tempt with waffles, fries or carbsóin a word: delicious dishes thatóWe don’t want to deny ourselves. „If we allow ourselves to eat more caloric foods during the vacations, withróLet’s balance this with physical activity” – mówi infoWire service.en Knorr brand nutritionist Iwonna Niegowska. During the summer we should swim, walk and run as much as possible, so as to burn those extra calories.

„Let’s not forget to eat wholesome meals too” – expert advises. It is also worth reaching for healthy snacks, such as seasonal fruits, preferably typical of the region in which theówhere we live. Invariably recommended are róAlso salads and raw foodówads of fresh vegetables.

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