The first day of the Fairóat WorldFood Poland is over. Information flowing to the organizeróThe event proved to be a real shot in the arm. Already in the morning hours in the platform for participantsóand guests of the Fairónearly 2,000 users logged inów!

Online trade shows – alternative, on któhe industry has been waiting for

Although the global pandemic has shattered the previous order in many areas of our functioning, it fortunately did not freeze one thing: human ingenuity and innovation.

Thanks to initiatives such as trade fairs organized in virtual space, the food industry can continue to function harmoniously.

Entrepreneurs can not only make new contacts all the time, but also exchange experiences and views on issues thatórities they live with every day.

Inaugural debate

The inaugural debate of the Fair was opened by Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Grzegorz Puda, whoóry took the event under honorary patronage. The issue raised at the first conference was the phenomenon thatóre has not disappeared from the leadingóserviceóin informational.

The theme of the Minister's speech was „Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the shape of international trade in the agri-food area – opportunities for Polish exportersóin food. Food industry of today and tomorrow – Current consumer and sales trends vs. prospects".

The situation in the industry – through the eyes of the minister

Minister Grzegorz Puda said that despite the global crisis caused by the pandemic, foreign trade in agri-food products has not collapsed. Last year saw a 7% increase in the value of exports, compared to 2019. In 2020. Poland's export productóin agri-food reached a record high of 34 billion euros, 2.2 billion euros higher than the previous year.

The minister also pointed out the factor thatóry can be a reason for optimism for the entire industry: the balance in agri-food trade was positive and in 2020 the. reached 11.7 billion euros. This meant an increase of more than 11% in porócompared to the previous year.

Grzegorz Puda called foróAlso to solidarity with Polish farmers, whoóThe first day of the fair should be about solidarity with Polish farmers, which Grzegorz Puda called for. In this wayób we have the opportunity to support the economy and overcome the effects of theóin the pandemic.

This is all the more important as the epidemic situation has influenced and continues to influence changes in consumer behavior. More and more of us are reaching for naturally sourced, locally produced food, sourced directly from the farmer and from small local processingórni.

Opportunities for companies in the industry

An important theme of the Minister's speech was the issue of gaining new marketóin sales by Polish food and beverage companies.

Grzegorz Puda informed that his ministry is working on gaining access for more Polish productsóin agri-food to marketóin third.

He added that róThe lifting of restrictions on the importation of products from the country's agricultural sector is an important area of the Ministry's activitiesóin agri-food products from Poland and winning the marketóin sales for fruitóin fresh and frozen.

Answers to questions that bother the industry

After the Minister of Agriculture, the floor was taken by the following speakers, whoóers touched on current and important topics, concerning current problemsóin and answering the questions. OmóThe following have been „Quality systems in the production of pork and its processingów” and „Sugar tax – which productów concerns, who is obliged to pay it, in what amount it is”.

The second part of the day was devoted to the mainównie omówieniu trendóin the global food and beverage marketóin 2021 with rótive perspectives . The presentation by Ms. Honorata Jarocka of Mintel attracted many entrepreneursów looking for inspiration to develop the company and introduce new productsów on the market according to current trends. The first-bottom conferences ended with a presentation of the Polish Wódki as part of the heritage and traditions of Polish culture.

EXPO Zone – virtual window to the world for the food industry

The ongoing Fair is not only about expert speechesów, but above all, what is the essence of such meetings – exchange of information and contactów.

The organizers have prepared an EXPO zone, in which theórej put virtual booths and profiles of exhibitorsóin whichóThere are as many as 160 of them this year, and they connect with Poland from 18 countriesów. This zone, oprócz presentation function productów, provides róThere is also an opportunity for networking activities.

We invite you in front of the computer screensów, laptopów and smartphoneów!

The fair will last until April 22. A better opportunity to make contactów business in the food industry – this year will not be!

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