December 10, 2022

A better chance to make business contacts in the food industry – (rather) there will not be, the article

Do you work in trade, produce food or operate in the HoReCa industry?

Reserve your time on April 20-22, because a better opportunity to make new contactsóin business than at the WorldFood Poland Virtual Expo – Perhaps this year there will be no more!

About the future of the fairów, new forms of presentation and whether you can be in dwóch places at the same time we talk to Agnieszka Szpaderska, director of the fairóat WorldFood Poland

Załóthat I am a novice owner of a store, wholesale or restaurant. I have never been to any fair before. Why I should find room in my schedule between April 20 and 22 this year?

Since this is when the largest trade fair in the food industry WorldFood Poland Virtual Expo starts.

For companies thatóre have never participated in such events before, as well as for companies participating in the fair in previous years, this is a great opportunity to meet in a virtual space organized specifically for this purpose.,One of the biggest magnetsóin attracting zarówno guests, as well as participantsów, there will be a Trade Fair online platform. It will guarantee access to thousands of productsów. It will róalso a place to meet and talkóin with current or future contractors. The second point on whichóry I want to returnóhe attention, is the rich conference program of this year's Fairów. This is a suggestion for all whoóers want to stay abreast of information from the market and the trends shaping the future of the industry. Therefore, given the current ban on trade fairsów and the lack of real and reliable information about when the first stationary events will be possible, participation in the online fair in April may be the only chance for the entire food industry to come together in 2021!

Is it possible to fall in love with a brand new product without being able to physically touch it? How are you going to overcome the limitations posed by the online mode? Did the guests of the Marketów will be able to pick up at least some of the goods on displayów? Are Welcome Tasting Packs a good idea to break down such barriers?

We understand how important in the case of productóin food is their taste, smell and appearance, and for potential buyersóIn the possibility of spróbility of the product, which is why we have created a program to send out Welcome Tasting Packets.

We want to at least introduce our virtual visitors to the tastes and smells of the world, whichóre present at the WorldFood Poland trade fair every year. Therefore, próbki productsów exhibitorsów go to selected trade fair visitors according to their declared area of interest.

Did it take long to persuade exhibcóin and speakeróI would like to invite you to participate in this year's edition of the Fairów? Or maybe it was just the opposite – have come forward themselves? By the way: how many teams have already announced themselves?

The desire and need to meet, to find new partnersów business and new opportunities and opportunities in the industry – is very large. Despite some concerns, as always when dealing with something innovative, entrepreneurs want to prób to promote such solutions.

They are aware that in a situation where, for more than a year now, due to the pandemic and the prevailing restrictions, there is practically no possibility of face-to-face meetings, such virtual „substitute” is a great alternative.

It is because it provides the security and comfort associated with participation in the event, while being an effective and productive tool for contactingóin business.

At the moment swóAlmost 150 exhibitors have already confirmed their participation in the meetingóin 18 countriesów, from Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, France, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Norway, Peru, Poland, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, USA and Hungary.

The platform on whichórej the Fair will take place, it offers the possibility of networking activities. What róThe event is a great alternative to take part in the eventóin business – from the traditional?

Virtual networking zone facilitates arranging meetings. It offers access to logged-in participantsóThe meeting will also provide information onód whichóIt is easier to select a group of people who are interested in these industriesób that meet the selected criteria (e.g. product group).

Each meeting requires approval of the dwóPARTIES. Before accepting a meeting, each participant can check the profile of the other person. Such a system helps make effective use of swój time. Additional facilities include a calendar system, chat and audio video communicator.

The HoReCa sector is currently suffering huge losses. How Trade Fairs can improve the condition of companies operating in these industries?

The pandemic period has left its mark on the entire economy, including, to a large extent, the food service industry. Many HoReCa companies have had to change their menus to accommodate their take-out offerings. At WorldFood, they will be able to find new suppliersów productów. Such, whichóThe participants will learn, among other things, from the traditional.

Trade fairs are not just about manufacturer offersóin or distributoróin, but the róconferences. Które of these you consider to be must-have items for anyone who wants to keep their finger on the pulse of the industry?

Marketplace programóin WorldFood is a zrórivated and divided into thematic blocks. We begin with an opening debate with the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the shape of international trade in the agri-food area.

During the debate, invited guests spróidentify opportunities for Polish exportersóin food. Omóbindóalso current consumer and sales trends and the prospects they bring for Polish entrepreneursów.

Another topic on whichóry will be worth paying attention toóThe program will provide information related to the new regulations on supplying countries and distributors, as well as our guests. The program will include information related to new restrictions, regulations on supplying countriesóin the CIS and with legal issues when signing contractsóin with contractors from the East. Participants in the meeting will learn, among other things:

· How to complete documents for shipping goods to countriesóin the CIS,

· How to label food products when exporting to EUG member states

· and what is product certificationóin Eastern markets.

The third, though not the last, issue, whichóre sure to interest many visitors to the Fair, will be the trends shaping the future of the food industry: the market for food, beveragesów and catering. During the meeting you will be able to learn how toób food companies can generate innovation.

What is the biggest advantage of trade fairsóonline? The asset, whichórego on prótion to attend in-person meetings? How would you convince those whoóThose who avoid the virtual world – to take part in this event?

I don't want to convince anyone of the superiority of virtual meetings over face-to-face meetings, as I myself am a proponent of the traditional, face-to-face ones.

However, given the changing reality, we all need to be flexible and prób to adapt our activities to the new reality: we – organizers and our guests – food entrepreneurs.

If I had to point out one such thing, it is in the virtual formula you can be more active in looking for potential partnersóThe meeting will also provide an opportunity to learn more about the traditional trade fairsód all participantsów, having access to a search engine and the ability to review the profiles of participants in advanceów.

How do you look at the future of the food industry? Has the pandemic already messed up companies here, or is this sector immune to this kind of turbulence? After all, each of us. eat must.

Pandemic time has brought social life and business life to a standstill for months in many industries. Catering establishments had to close, and someóre production facilities, factories and food companies have reduced production or have had to suspend operations.

Now that the fight against the Covid-19 virus has entered our operation, it is worth planning a path for rebuilding the company's image or using the crisis to develop the company's potential By participating in industry business fairs.

The pandemic has certainly awakened creativity among theód many entrepreneursów. Someóre Polish companies have spread their wings just in this difficult period for the economy and are ready to present the latest product offerings and innovative technological solutions.

Active participation in the WorldFood Poland trade fair will certainly be a great opportunity for this, with measurable results in the future.

What does the future hold for stationary markets, organized in the traditional wayób? After the pandemic wróWe are sending them? Or will we be delighted by the ease of action provided by the Internet and online trade shows? What future awaits the WorldFood Poland trade fair? What are your plans?

I think online events will not replace traditional meetings. Virtual trade fairs can be an alternative, complementary. This is an excellent opportunity to build and maintain business relationships, while participation in a traditional trade fair is a unique experience, which is why we are already planning the next edition of the fairóIn the traditional form, in April 2022.

No wayób to underestimate the additional advantagesów that the Internet and online fairs provide, so most likely we will decide on a hybrid formula and some of the benefits will be possible róalso online.