What is the process of recovery from an unpaid invoice?

Probably every businessman will sooner or later encounter the unpleasant and damaging phenomenon of not receiving receivables from unpaid invoices on time. The debtor is sometimes dishonest, sometimes tardy, sometimes has a temporary liquidity problem. However, this doesn't excuse him – your priority, after all, is to get paid for the service rendered or goods delivered.

Running a business, you know that it is impossible to let the debtor feel unpunished. Remember that you should start collection as soon as possible – even on the first day of debt! The onerous task of dealing with debt, however, often distracts from the tasks aimed at growing a business. Unfortunately, if you put off recovering your money, the debt may be time-barred.

However, there is no need to panic. As a creditor, you have effective tools to choose from, so you can get things done quickly and easily while saving your time. Payhelp.pl has prepared a guide to help you learn how to get your money back.

Soft vindication (amicable)

The first step, which is most often taken by entrepreneurs themselves, but also begins a professional service, is amicable collection – an assertive, but fundamentally polite contact with the debtor, aimed at explaining the situation and urging him to repay the debt. With the late contractor you then contact by phone, write text messages and e-mails, and if that doesn't work, send letters. Keep all written correspondence: it may later be evidence in a possible case.

Try to recover money in this way primarily with contractors or customers with whom you have had a good business relationship so far. After all, you don't want to lose a trusted partner through unnecessary rudeness or aggression. Such persons or companies often pay the late amount due quickly, also not wanting to lose a good relationship with you, and especially their good name and entry in the register of debtors.

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