Marketplace – increase your online sales!

To increase your income and market expansion, it's a good idea to sell your goods in different places. If you want to make sure that they do, join the so-called "ecodriving system. Marketplaces, where sales of similar goods that are offered by many entities at the same time take place. This way you will gain customers not only in Poland, but also abroad. Start working with IdoSell and see how easy it is!

Marketplaces – what they are?

The easiest way to compare it to a large marketplace, where many sellers offer their products, often the same, but at different prices. It's full of stalls where you can find practically anything you're looking for. Marketplace is a kind of a large virtual bazaar, where you can very quickly and effectively attract new buyers. This service actively acquires customers by presenting your goods on many different platforms, such as Amazon, Allegro, Ceneo, etc. It is also very important and convenient that in most cases you get already paid orders, which speeds up the process of handling orders – you only need to pack the ordered products and send them out.

How it works?

IdoSell provides a complete and friendly environment to sell effectively in the marketplace. IdoSell partners are properly trained and familiar with the system, allowing them to actively cooperate in the creation of integrations. If you want to start selling, all you have to do is sign a contract with the marketplace of your choice, add it to your IdoSell administration panel and provide access data to the chosen platform. Now only the marketplace needs to gather information about your goods so that customers can start ordering from your store. You will be in control of all orders, as they all flow from the marketplace platform to your online store panel.

Why you should?

The advantages of being in the marketplace through integration with IdoSell are numerous. Let's list the most important ones.

– First of all, what we have already mentioned – very quickly you will start selling your products. The system works automatically;

– You gain the opportunity to develop foreign sales by reaching a worldwide audience;

– This builds awareness of your brand, especially since most marketplaces present information about your store. More and more customers remember your company, making it positively associated – with quality products, fast delivery, efficient cooperation;

– It is also very important that all this time it is you, no one else, who manages your offerings available in the marketplace;

– With IdoSell's state-of-the-art WMS for e-commerce, the handling of orders from the marketplace looks virtually the same as in other sources;

– You gain access to the largest and most important marketplace: Allegro. Amazon Marketplace, Arena Marketplace, Ceneo Buy Now, eBay, Empik Marketplace,,;

– Remember also that thanks to the openness to integration, in IdoSell you can benefit from working with any marketplace in the world.

When conducting online sales, it is definitely worth taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the marketplace. With IdoSell it's easy and effective!

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