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8a online is one of the largest outdoor stores in Poland. The ever-growing customer base, as well as the increasing number of people shopping in the store via mobile devices, made the company decide to implement a dedicated mobile application. The app was intended, on the one hand, to help customers make purchasing decisions by allowing them to compare prices in stationary stores with those in the 8a, on the other hand, help promote and sell a wide range of products.

The target group of the store is people who lead active lifestyles and value the ability to simplify everyday activities, such as shopping. The application was aimed at customers interested in being able to have unlimited access to the wide range of 8a offerings in this market.en.

The store has an ongoing one-stop cooperation with Positive Power. As part of the implementation of new sales and image solutions for the store, Positive Power developed the concept of a dedicated app for the store, and later handled its development.


– Increasing the availability of the store's wide offer and reaching new audiences,

– Increase the attractiveness of the store's offer through the implementation of modern solutions, sales targeting mobile customers,

– Increase in the level of sales.

Description of the application

Sales application for online store provides a tool to make it easier for customers to compare prices of products in the online store with the offerings of other stores, and also allows us to make purchases. The implemented solution has been fully integrated with the store's database and warehouse-sales program.

It was important in the development of the app to showcase 8a's wide product in a simplified manner. Users can sort it by product type or manufacturer. The distinction of the "promotions" or "sales" modules makes it possible to communicate to app users the special actions that 8a runs.en.

The most interesting solution of the application is the implemented barcode scanner, which allows comparing the price of a product scanned in a stationary store with the one available in the offer of 8a.en. Users can thus compare prices of products, and then make a quick purchase (shopping cart) or postpone the order in time (clipboard) via the application. It encourages people to return to the store's website.

The implementation was supported and communicated with activities in the store and in the social media area – in both cases, users had access to banners with a QR code allowing direct download of the application. Regular customers of the store were also informed about the implementation of the application through newsletters.


– Average app ratings: Android: 4.5, iOS: 5.0,

– 80 percent. made downloads of the Android app, 20 percent. for iOS,

– Active app installations account for 85 percent. all downloads,

– After the first month of the app's launch, the number of downloads tripled.

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