Mobile apps for cryptocurrency trading

Progressive digitization and mobile applications facilitate up-to-date analysis of exchange rates or other market indicators. Easy access to funds from anywhere on earth, the ability to trade at any time of the day or night is certainly what the cryptocurrency market needs most.

Which mobile applications from the cryptocurrency market are currently the most popular in Poland and why? Here’s a brief review of three top mobile apps linked to cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bitbay exchange mobile application

Sylwester Suszek created the exchange, which is currently the largest digital currency exchange in Central and Eastern Europe, while it occupies the lowest step of the podium in all of Europe. The year 2018 was a landmark year for the BitBay exchange (more ), as the exchange then moved its operations to Malta.

What distinguishes the BitBay mobile application?

The Bitbay exchange app is:

– notifications of rate changes,

– CRYPTO / FIAT payment option using wallet address / QR / NF,

– integrated FIAT exchange (USD, EUR, PLN and others),

– Ability to exchange currency from other users at favorable rates,

– free account maintenance and no deposit fees,

– fast credit card deposits,

– withdrawals at Euronet ATMs,

– access to more than 30 digital currencies offered by the exchange,

– PRO mode for experienced traders, including: indicators of changes, depth chart, drawing option, or orderbook.

– Free educational courses in Bitbay academy.

BitBay application security

Real money is also a real threat of theft. When it comes to security, BitBay offers us :

– two-step login via email codes or the Google Authenticator app, which relies on generating codes each time,

– every action on the account requires our confirmation,

– all funds in cryptocurrencies are accumulated in cold wallets,

– the exchange operates on encrypted servers with full redundancy,

– each transfer is authorized by the exchange’s staff,

– BitBay exchange has an anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing policy, which includes: account verification, posting by transfer titles, security PIN, stop transfer or block account, one account per user.

CoinDeal app

CoinDeal, like BitBay is thriving in the cryptocurrency market. The company recently released its own mobile app, which is available to smartphone users, as well as launched a CDL token marketplace. CoinDeal had its start in March 2018, and is already one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges originating in Poland.

Characteristics of the Coindeal app

The application of the exchange offers us a wide range of possibilities, in particular:

– the ability to trade in active markets on the platform,

– it allows you to view changes in currency charts from the last 24 hours , but also to view executed transactions with all the necessary data for the user

– in an instant we can trade using 7 currencies of FIAT,

– the application gives active participation to users of the exchange in the way that it urges players to vote for more trading pairs to appear on the exchange,

– is a good solution for professional players, but also for amateurs

– with its help we can track the rates of up to 50 cryptocurrencies and take advantage of sudden price fluctuations ourselves.

Binance Exchange mobile application!

Another proven tool is the mobile application of the Binance exchange, through which we have the opportunity to quickly purchase bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from the application.

Characteristics of the Binance mobile application:

– the simplicity and security of trading cryptocurrencies with your phone,

– access to numerous charts and trading tools, including features that other exchanges do not offer: futures contacts, leverage trading, cryptocurrency staking .

– the cryptocurrency exchange available on the app gives users the ability to trade a wide range of currencies on world-class cryptocurrency exchanges easily and without complications.

the application works with so-called “cryptocurrency exchanges”. “Matching engine”, whose peak capability is to handle 1.4 million transactions per second at a time, making our movements on the exchange seamless,

– the application is equipped with the latest security protocols, which provides our funds with maximum protection

– customer support is available 24/7 – regardless of the difficulty and complexity of the problem.

Coinbase app

The last proposed by the mobile application of exchanges is the Coinbase app, considered by many as the number 1 bitcoin wallet in the world. The application offers us a wide range from the cryptocurrency market.

Coinbase is a U.S.-based company whose core business is providing network and mobile services related to cryptocurrencies. As with any app we propose, Coinbase also guarantees us a safe and easy way to buy, sell and use cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase has a wide customer and user base, which currently includes nearly 2 million customers and nearly 38,000. vendors accepting bitcoins.

Characteristics of the Coinbase application

The mobile app is a quick connection to our Coinbase wallet, where we can through the app:

– trade cryptocurrency ie. easily buy or sell bitcoins directly from your Coinbase account,

– synchronize the application with our bank account, which gives the possibility of express deposits, withdrawals, and even the ability to handle the buying-selling process through the bank account,

– use a number of trading services on a global scale – actions accepted more than 38 thousand. Companies such as Dell, Expedia and Overstock,

– work anywhere and anytime ie. “Online and on the move,” that is. – Portfolio management is possible everywhere.

Security for storing cryptocurrencies on exchanges

The choice of mobile apps for storing and trading cryptocurrencies is very wide. The above-mentioned apps are just a sliver of the overall market, while they are characterized by links to trusted exchanges.

It should be remembered that storing cryptocurrencies on wallets belonging to exchanges is giving our assets into their possession. If we lose contact with the exchange, we also lose control over the funds accumulated on it. Ultimately, apps should only be used to exchange cryptocurrencies, and the storage function should be taken over by hardware wallets or, as a last resort, mobile wallets for cryptocurrencies.

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