Corporate application. Check how you can use it in your company

Virtually every company today uses a variety of digital tools – office software, virtual servers, ERP systems or simply a website. It is essential for streamlining work, delegating tasks and setting deadlines for their completion, and controlling corporate resources. In organizations with a multi-level and especially distributed structure, an enterprise application can be a very useful tool. Even smaller companies will benefit from the advantages of such an application, and you can find some examples of its use in our article.

Quick and uninterrupted communication with employees

Delegating work may seem like a simple task, but only until the messages are transmitted directly. Worse when by the time the information reaches the person who is supposed to carry out the order, it has been distorted by other employees. We then speak of the deaf phone effect.

A simple example: a manager wants a certain employee to deliver by 12 o'clock, he passes this information to the team leader, and the latter asks yet another person to inform the designated employee. Effect? An employee learns that he has to deliver "in the afternoon" and so a delay is created.

The corporate application eliminates similar problems, as it allows precise, direct delegation of tasks, which employees receive in the form of notifications to their phones (and this everyone always has with them).

Efficient workflow

Disappearing documentation, constant phone calls from employees asking for a sample contract or brief, ignorance of the basic points of the company's rules and regulations – this is a daily occurrence in many an enterprise. What's worse: there is no shortage of employers who are used to this and assume that this is simply the way it has to be. It doesn't have to.

A corporate application can act as an internal server where every employee can find the documents he or she needs, without having to involve his or her direct superiors. It greatly streamlines work and prevents communication chaos.

Virtual calendar

The corporate app allows to set tasks or inform employees about important events directly on their smartphones. After creating an event in the virtual calendar, each interested person will immediately be able to confirm their participation, and the app will still remind them of the upcoming e.g. business meeting or project delivery date.

Building a corporate community

Maintaining good team relations is the basis for running a profitable business. On the other hand, however, it is difficult to achieve such an effect in companies where employees do not have daily contact with each other, do not know each other personally, work in completely different departments or even regions of the country. Here again with help will come the corporate application, which allows you to create different interest groups, thereby connecting employees due to their non-work passions. This has a great motivational value and is an important part of the team building strategy.

Each of the described functions, as well as many other useful solutions, is offered by the corporate Blue Colibri App. It was created based on years of experience in managing human teams, with an emphasis on solving communication problems in organizations.

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