Analyzing the ways któhe external stimuli stimulate our senses, it can be concluded that the way to the human stomach leads not only through the mouth, but róAlso through the nose, eyes and even ears!

For the true gourmet, the sounds produced by sizzling food in the frying pan or bubbling pot contents also provide a wonderful culinary melody. Of course, the fastest way to the kitchen leads by the nose spreading through the house smells – and there our appetite can intensify or cool down the colors present in the interior.

It turns out that the psychology of colorów is a field of science very close to the human. palate. And it's not just about the visual side of dishes. The colors of the environment, in whichóhe way we eat our meals directly affects our level of appetite. Appetite particularólnie stimulate colors ¿óyellow and orange, associated with warmth and refreshment. The most „appetizing” The color, however, is red, especially when juxtaposed with the aforementioned redóby.

Meals are also well eaten surrounded by greenery, reminiscent of freshness and naturalness, and cooling and pure white. Burning in the stomach, on the other hand, is unlikely to cause the color gray, black or blue. The latter has a calming and relaxing effect, so it is more suitable for rooms such as the bedroom.

Introducing into the kitchen „appetizing” colors does not have to mean immediately having to paint the entire walls. Also a good solution is furniture in the right colors and róAll kinds of additives in the form of curtains, tableclothsów or dishes. Colorful, eye-pleasing dishes, such as the following, look exceptionally delicious in the kitchen. silicone containers by Jan NiezbÄ™dny, które additionally very practical – are suitable for food storage, as well as freezing or microwave cookingówce. Oprócz of refreshing orange and juicy green we can also choose saturated, intense purple and sophisticated burgundy, whichóre will cheer up any kitchen arrangement.

Eating is a real feast for the sensesów, and a good meal delights not only by the fever of tasteów and smellóin, but also colorów. So it is worth remembering that kitchens and dining rooms should never run out of optimism in the form of multicolored accessoriesów.

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