You wonder what the recipe for a successful day is? A glass of juice will not only provide energy for a good start to the day, but róalso a whole range of nutritional values, necessary for the proper functioning of the body, for the whole 24 hours. It is worth remembering not only on May 30, World Juice Day. A glass of Juice, as one of the servings of vegetables and fruitsóThe food consumed during the day should be present in the homes of Polesów for good, especiallyóIt's not that it contains so many beneficial values for the body, and we still don't drink enough of it – comments nutritionist Anna Różyk.

For a good start!

Breakfast is the most important meal. It is what gives us the energy to perform at work or school. We seemingly know this, but we often forget, leaving for work without a basic meal. Meanwhile, properly selected and balanced breakfast ingredients will ensure our well-being, and will help to maintain the figure we dream of. If you have no idea or time for a healthy breakfast right after waking up, a glass of fruit juice is the perfect vitamin boost– reveals Anna Róryk.

At work, school, at meetings with friends!

Stress, exhaustion, as well as excess work and dutiesów do not always allow us to prepare a well-thought-out and zróof a balanced meal. Sometimes, however, a good solution does not need to look long. Juice! Tasty and wholesome – is a great help for the body during a busy day with friends, a busy day at school or a tiring day at work. According to a number of health studies, eating 5 servings of vegetables and fruitów per day significantly increases happiness levels – all thanks to carotenoidsów. Thanks to them, every pessimist begins to see the world in slightly more colorful colors. There is nothing revelatory here, after all, in a healthy body, a healthy spirit!

Drink me!

According to a study by the European Juice Associationóin Fruit (AIJN), the average Pole consumes about 17.5 liters of juiceów annually. The most popular is orange juice, vegetable juice, third place goes to apple juice, while grapefruit juice came in fourth place.

– In my experience and many years of observation, Poles are fully unaware that a glass of juice a day can perfectly replace for us one of the five servings of vegetables and fruitóin, recommended by a nutritionistów. They are a great source ofóThe vitamins and mineralsóin, whichóre responsible for our health and well-being and that of our loved ones. All those who care about their health, or who have a shortage ofór któsion of vitamins, they should undoubtedly introduce juices into their daily diet. – advises nutritionist, Anna Rórye.

For Health!

– Zaróboth fruit and vegetable juices do not contain fatów, are instead rich in easily digestible carbohydrates. They do not burden our digestive system or stomach, making them easily digestible. The vitamin C present in them will help us maintain the proper functioning of the immune system. Drinking juices rich in nutrients you can forget about the flu or other infections. In addition, thanks to the large amount of vitamins drinking juiceów will allow us to enjoy healthy, shiny hair and beautiful, smooth skinórą and falcon eye. – hints Różyk.

Juice is…?

„Juice is primarily a natural product, obtained from fresh, chilled or frozen vegetables or fruitów. It is forbidden by law to add any artificial substances to it – preservativeów, dyeów, or flavoróin not derived from the fruit from which the juice was made. To juiceóIt is forbidden to add any sugar in fruit juicesów” – suggests nutritionist.

Find out that energy is breakfast, and breakfast is fuel for the day. Choose the flavor thatóry just fits your needs and mood. Enjoy health sealed in a bottle or carton and celebrate World Juice Day with us not only on May 30, but every day.

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