Even kindergarteners know that dairy products are rich in protein and calcium, but already a surprising curiosity is the fact that cows give more milk when given a… names. What else can you know about dairy to shine with an amusing curiosity among theód friends?

Dairy has many nutritional properties, but it is also a tasty addition to many dishes. This is also the option of choice for vegetarians, whichóThose who want to easilyób provide the necessary mineralsów and vitamins and look for substitutesóin meat. On store póMore and more interesting flavor combinations are appearing on the shelves – Chocolate Milk or Buttermilk Dessert are just a few of the. Can dairy products surprise us just by their taste? Here are 5 interesting facts about dairy products!

1. Cheese ¿ółty contains more calcium than white cheese

Cheese is chosen as an ingredient in dishes not only for its taste, but also for its nutritional value. The calcium present in cheese is easily absorbed m.in. thanks to the presence of casein – which is the primary protein found in dairy products. Interestingly, in one serving of cheese ¿óThe calcium in cottage cheese is nearly 8 times more than in the same serving of cottage cheese.

2. Cow, whichóra has a name willing to give more milk

You know the trick to getting a lot of mówić to the plant, whichóra does not want to grow? Although it may seem strange, it actually works. According to scientistsóin Newcastle University, whichóers have spent some time in the glades, talking to black and white animals is the key to success. Cows, to whichówho were addressed by name, were able to fill far more bubbles with milk than their nameless counterparts.

3. Every region is a different idea for cheese

Although it would seem that there are not so many proposals for serving cottage cheese, someóre regions may surprise us with their creativity. Margarnioki or plińce with pomoćka – with which they may be associated? Although the names sound rather mysterious, the first fiddle here is played by the well-known white hardóg. Margarnioki are nothing more than envelopes made of sweet pastry stuffed with cottage cheese with vanilla sugar and raisins. This is a regional dish from Górny Silesia. On the other hand, Mazurian plińce with pomoćka are already famous potato pancakes, only that they are layered with cottage cheese mass with the addition of smoked meat. As part of experimenting in the kitchen, it is worth recreating któany of these dishes (you can use e.g. Golden Mazur cheese from Mlekpol).

4. Cheeseólty is a natural antidepressant

Increasingly króMore recent days and falling temperatures can depress the mood. It may not be a bar of chocolate at all that provides solace, and the… slice żóof cheese. The tryptophan contained in it is an essential amino acid responsible for strengthening the nervous system and producing serotonin, the happiness hormone.

5. Running for cheese a new sport?

La Tomatina, which is a Spanish holiday in which theórym residents throw tomatoes at each other, or Bulgarian throwing eggs like thisób so as not to bruise them at the Easter breakfast – These are just someóre national traditions with food in the lead roleównej. On the other hand, there are races for cheese in England. In Somerset County, at the sound of a whistle, a chase begins for rolling cheese, który speeds up to 100 km/hr. During such a workout you can certainly burn a lot of calories, but take it easy… The winner gets in the prize – and how – cheese, so the deficit can quickly replenish.

As you can see, the dairy opóFVINóin flavor and health has an interesting history as well. It is worth experimenting in the kitchen with products from this category to discover unprecedented flavor combinations.

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