Several times a year we learn about more amazing „miracle diets”, However, restrictive diets, typically weight-loss diets, are slowly losing popularity. More and more osób consciously changes eating habits. A new way of thinking about nutrition is the Pegan diet. – This is an interesting diet, whichóra fits into the current trends – is more about changing a habitóin, rather than a restrictive abandonment of everything – mówi Agnieszka Piskała, specialist in nutrition. Nestlé and coordinator of the fourth edition of „Nutrition Competition” for the studentów and graduateóin NHW.

Paleo-vegan or pegan

If you are looking for a diet thatóra will not only make you lose weight, but above all will improve your health – This diet is an interesting solution. The pegan diet is a combination of dwóch popular trendsóin nutrition in recent times, namely the paleo diet and the vegan diet. The first of these is referred to as the ancestral dietóin (Paleolithic diet), since its menu is based on foods thatórima consumed by primitive people. Assumes eatingóin high-protein foods, such as seafood, liver, for exampleób beef, devoid of skóry chicken breasts and lean veal and beef chops. At the same time, it limits the consumption of dairy products, zbóż, productóstarch and sugar. Veganism, on the other hand, involves eating produceów exclusively of plant origin, a productóbased on cerealsóThe first diet is an interesting solution, which is based on a diet of wheat, rice, rye, millet, oats and fruitóin and vegetables. – The assumptions of these two diets complement each other and create an interesting and zróbalanced menu, using the best elements of one and the other. It is worth remembering that the pegan diet is more based on plant-based dishes, and meat is an addition to them – mówi Agnieszka Piskała.

Quality productów

ZaróBoth the paleo and vegan diets are based on eating unprocessed and high-quality food – without preservativesów, dyeów and artificial sweeteners. Products should come from reliable suppliersóin, but above all they must be fresh. Meat should come from suppliersów, whoóers are feeding their animals vegetables. When choosing fish, choose those thatóre contain the least possible toxins. These are Sardines, herring and anchovies or other small fish. Avoid those high in mercury and other harmful heavy metals.

Change of attitude without sacrifice

Most popular diets are based on restrictive dietary rules, often even starving themselves for several days ofówkach. – Many osób start following the diet with immediate results in mind, „losing 20 kg in a month”, and not seeing them is quickly discouraged. As a result, these efforts lead to completely opposite effectsów – adds Agnieszka Piskała. However, the diet should not be a one-time „prank”, rather influence the formation of good habitsóin nutritional. Supporters of the pegan diet emphasize that following its rules not only affects a slender figure, but also improves health and benefits well-being. – The pegan diet is a light, yet filling diet that does not put a strain on the stomach – comments Piskała.

For whom?

It is a diet thatóra is favorable for diabetics (low glycemic value, sugar restriction), as well as people with heart disease or cardiovascular problems. Pegan is a very flexible diet, it does not impose a strict regimen, but it is to some extent an interference with our body. Therefore, pregnant women, as before any change in dietary rules, should consult a doctor. The pegan diet seems to be a good option for carnivoresów whoóthose who would like to feel lighter and healthier. – Remember to choose diets prudently. First of all, you should listen to your body. Any poorly chosen diet will not bring the expected resultsów – concludes Agnieszka Piskała.

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