Effective weight loss diet, or what kind of diet? What characteristics must the diet have to be effective? Will the same diet be ideal for everyone? How to arrange an effective weight loss diet?

Effective diet, or what kind of diet?

People are constantly looking for the most effective weight loss diet. There are constantly new ideas on how to lose excess weight. Once in the wave are diets that limit carbohydrates, other times diets that reduce fat to a minimum, or exclude dairy, gluten or meat. There is no wayób even replace all kinds ofów, let alone carry out porównalising all methods at the same time.

The ideal diet is one thatórą you are able to follow – not a week, not two, but as long as possible.

So you should make sure not only that the diet is healthy, but that it is tasty for us, that it includes the kind of foods we like, or at least similar versions of them. This will make following a diet not so difficult and frustrating. Food is supposed to give us pleasure, and at the same time it should be healthy. Following a diet also does not have to be associated with a constant feeling of hunger.

Negative calorie balance

Effective will be any diet thatóra limits the supply of calories and któIf we take care of our diet, we should be able to. In the context of weight loss, a negative calorie balance is key. If we will: eat only healthy products, avoid sugar, fatóin saturated foods and alcohol, but we will consume more than our body needs – we will not lose weight.

If, on the other hand, we will occasionally reach for chocolate and beer, but in ogólion's share, we will eat fewer calories than we need – we will lose weight.

Our caloric needs increase when we take up physical activity. That's why it's so important, when reducing body fat, not to rely only on reducing the supply of calories consumed, but róalso on increasing energy expenditure.

Do I have to give up carbohydratesów/fatów?

Most of us do not do well with carbohydrate exclusionsów or fatów of the diet. This is because we do not like to give up things thatóre we taste, and it so happens that most of the most palatable dishes combine both macronutrients.

A balanced diet

The good news is that you don't have to give up, either carbohydrateów nor with fatów! Your diet may include zarówno bread, pasta, meat, dairy products, as well as a certain amount of sweets. It is important to be able to compose from the mentioned ingredientsóinto a proper menu.

Diet, in whichórej we do not eliminate any of the macronutrientsów, and their contribution is zróbalanced, is a balanced diet.

A balanced diet is called róAlso a diet withróbalanced. According to the latest recommendations of the Institute of Food and Nutrition (IŻŻ), the amount of energy provided from protein should be approx. 10-20%, with fató20-35%, and with carbohydratesów 45-65%. It is extremely important to have the right dobór calorie balance of the diet, depending on gender, health status, body weight and composition, and physical activity.

You should róalso point out that the ideal diet, universal for everyone, does not exist. That's why it's so important to take an individual approach in terms of diet selection and caloric content.

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