Nestl's Garden Gourmet plant-based food brandé Has analyzed the habits of Polakóin, whichóThose who limit meat in their daily diet to see who is reaching for meat substitutes.

Following the success of the substituteóin dairy, plant-based meat alternatives conquer the market. These products meet the needs of the consumeróIn those seeking the taste and texture of meat, but wishing to introduce a healthier alternative to its diet. The number of such peopleób is growing: by how much in 2019. Every tenth household in Poland bought at least one such product, by 2020 this group had increased to 17 percent 1 . There is an increase in róAlso the frequency of buyingów 2 , it is predicted that these phenomena – as a result of the social and consciousness changes taking place – will proceed.

Significantly, to the group of osób reaching for plant-based meat substitutes in stores include zarówno people who do not eat meat at all, such as vegetarians, but also consumers whoóers who eat meat regularly. And this is the group thatóra currently has the greatest impact on the development ofócategory.

As emphasized by Aleksandra Środa, Business Development Manager at Nestlé Poland, responsible for the Garden Gourmet brand „Alternative sources ofódła protein is one of the fastest growing food categories in Poland. And it is flexitarians – That is, consumers who limit meat in their diets – determine the growing strength of this segment. Moreover, their needs will indicate the direction of further development of the market. Consumers will increasingly reach not only for products thatóre can be used when preparing dinner, but róAlso after those with whichót can make tasty snacks, as well as breakfasts or dinners”.

The trend of including in the diet a substitute foróin meat is seen not only in large cities. The second largest group of consumersóIn reaching for this type of products are residents of the areaóin rural. And while, as the Garden Gourmet expert points out, the data may relate to the population living in the immediate vicinity of large cities, it is still an important area of plant-based food distribution.

What motivates a Poleów to reach for vegetable substitutes for meat?

– To limit the consumption of productsóin the zoonotic and interest in meat alternatives are motivated by health reasons, but róalso curiosity, the desire to diversify the diet and find ways to simply prepare mealsów – mówi Aleksandra Środa – Our research shows that flexitarians look to plant foods for good taste and texture, rich protein, low fat and cholesterol, and low calories.

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