A virtual walk through the streets of Tokyo promoted a new model from the adidas Originals collection

The communication of the action was embedded exclusively within online channels. Social media (Facebook) was used for promotion, which is the best fit for the target audience and allows the most precise targeting. We encouraged users to take part in the in-store action by using graphic and video formats published on the partner's channel (Sizeer), as well as promoted on paid.


The aim of the campaign was to generate interest in the launch of the new NMD shoes from the adidas Originals collection in the Sizeer store chain and to encourage consumers to buy the.


NMD is an extremely comfortable model of the brand, m.in. due to its use of Boost™ technology, so we wanted to encourage as many consumers as possible to test it and see for themselves that the NMD is the perfect urban shoe.


The use of VR technology in marketing communications is a trend that is gaining popularity. So we created a unique experience using this technology. In selected Sizeer stores, a customer trying on shoes could simultaneously walk the streets of Tokyo in virtual reality! We succeeded by combining VR video footage shot in Tokyo and played while walking on a treadmill in a VR headset. The breakthrough of the project is the implementation of a virtual walkthrough using a sports treadmill. We synchronized its speed with the speed of the material in the headset.


Thanks to the VR installation, Sizeer stores sold as much as 47% more NMD shoes than points where the VR Tokyo Tour was not available.

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