Home page plus application – a way to an effective campaign in mobile

This is one of the first „tailor-made” mobile productions created by the Onet Group special sales team. Earlier on GoMobi.pl showcased a magazine built for Nissan and a Christmas service developed with the Electrolux brand.

Campaign duration:

This is a long-term cooperation that has been ongoing since 2011.


– presentation of the most interesting offers from the Allegro website

– Access to easy browsing and search of Allegro content on Onet mobile areas


On the main page of Onet in the toolbar there is an additional Allegro icon. In the mobile version of the site, the most attractive bargains from the site were located behind the most important sections, along with a product search engine. The advertising space has been expanded to include two more pages, which can be seen by sliding to the side, like a slider.

W The application „Onet News” an additional seventh icon appeared in the tool table signed by the partner service. When clicked, the board shows: search engine, presentation of promoted items, product categories and Allegro login mechanism. Listings are also located on a special source in the app.

Statistics in February 2013 for the homepage m.onet.pl/month:

– 51,487,390 PV (page view) – page views

– 3,103,199 UU (unique user) – unique user

– at the end of February 2013, the application „Onet News” was downloaded 338,239 times

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