A discount coupon in the form of an SMS is much more effective than a printed one

– I have to admit that against the background of newsletters and printed coupons, SMS comes out best. The least effective implementation of coupons is in the case of newsletters which makes us use them only to send information about news – says Katarzyna KostaciƄska, marketing manager at Monnari.

Monnari is a company specializing in the segment of branded, elegant women's and men's clothing. The company's activities focus on designing collections, selling clothes, shoes and accessories, and broadly managing brands that include Monnari, Pabia, Molton and Roy. The company sends SMS messages containing discount coupons. Recipients are persons holding the Monnari Regular Customer Card. Such a card can be obtained by filling out an application form providing basic data and agreeing to process personal data.

As it turns out, discount coupons for products and events are the most popular among consumers – this is the opinion of as many as 42%. of them, which is why Monnari, coming out of the crisis in the first place, decided to increase sales using this very channel of mobile marketing.

– Monnari has been going through hard times in recent years, we were standing on the brink of bankruptcy. Thanks to a lot of work and effort of the whole team, we managed to pick up the slack. One of the first actions we took after recovery was to take advantage of our huge customer base and run an SMS campaign informing people about promotions carried out in our network – explains Katarzyna Kostacinska.

Own base:

250 thousand. records


The effectiveness of the printed coupon:

Implementation of SMS marketing activities:


Monnari has been running campaigns using SMS since the second half of 2010.

The best effectiveness is achieved by sending a message once every 3-4 weeks. In addition to sales support activities, SMS works well for purely informational activities about the company's current activities and even for image issues.

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