What is body leasing and what distinguishes it from outsourcing?

Every successful company is aware of the dynamic development of technology almost every day. Currently, it is focused on introducing innovative solutions and expanding its offer in a more convenient way for the customer.

It is impossible to see that the key industry responsible for development is IT. In the labor market we can observe a constant demand for specialists in this field. Increasingly, however, in order to cooperate with such a specialist, the option of outsourcing or body leasing is used. For larger entrepreneurs, this concept has long been known. However, there are business owners who, unaware of the above-mentioned options, decide to expand their team by adding an IT department. For smaller businesses, this can generate large and unnecessary costs. So let's see what the two above-mentioned possibilities are and what distinguishes them from each other.

Outsourcing – what is it?

Outsourcing is one of the most popular methods of cooperation between two companies. In a nutshell, it can be said that this is the assumption by an external company of some of the responsibilities belonging to the business wishing to cooperate.

In practice, for example, it can look like this: we have a business whose purpose is to make equipment in the field of household appliances. There is equipment on the shop floor to create all, necessary parts except electronic controllers. We ourselves have no idea how to build such a controller. Thus, it will be unprofitable to expand the business with an additional electronic department and purchase all the necessary equipment for production. An easier option would be to team up with a company that carries out projects and creates electronic circuits. In this way, we will receive all the realizations on an ongoing basis, and the other party will have a regular income from it.

Body leasing – an advantageous method of acquiring a specialist?

There is no denying that body leasing works best in the IT industry. This is where there are thousands of specialists operating in various coding languages. Development and dynamic changes in technology lead to the fact that a specific specialist will not always keep up with them. This, in turn, introduces significant delays in the implementation of projects for new solutions.

It is for such situations that the body leasing option was created. It can be said that it works on the principle of short-term hiring of IT specialists working on various technologies. Often the cooperation lasts only a few weeks, because that's more or less how long it takes to complete a specific project. For both parties, a full-time contract would be unprofitable, because there would be no work for the specialist, and he would have to get paid during the time when he could quietly take care of projects for other companies.

The main differences

Although these concepts are very similar in theory, they differ a lot in practice. We use body leasing most often when we need temporary help in the form of one specialist supplementing our team.

Outsourcing, on the other hand, involves handing over the duty of creating something to an entire team of employees who specialize in a particular industry. To use just outsourcing, we do not need practically any positions and the corresponding department, because the implementation takes place at the headquarters of the external company. Body leasing, on the other hand, we consider as a complement to the entire workforce.

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