Innovative 360° format on offer from TVN Media

Increasing the scale of reaching people looking for a new apartment, among recipients actively using the Internet in large cities where Murapol Group's residential projects are being developed.

Engage audiences through advertising that deviates from typical standards, corresponding to the innovative nature of the series "Couple not to match". The use of motion design to visualize the developer's investment and the transformation of traditional 2D apartment visualizations into 3D by adding the possibility of movement, in order to stimulate the imagination of the audience and encourage them to learn more about the offer of new Murapol Group apartments.

Increased the degree of customer interaction by allowing easy control of the ad's image on the Player, and at the same time on the Murapol Group's YouTube channel.

Building awareness of the Murapol brand as a developer promoting in an innovative way the idea of owning your own apartment – a place where you can feel free to express your emotions, spread your wings, enjoy, play, love.


360° advertising is a new advertising format available in BR TVN Media's sales offering. It is available on the Player on desktop, responsive websites on Android, in the Player on Android and iOS systems.

The Murapol Group campaign was part of the largest campaign in the history of the Polish real estate market to promote owning one's own apartment "because everywhere is good, but at home is best" with the participation of Magdalena Różczka – Murapol's ambassador.

First 360° advertising by Player had the opportunity to see at the premiere of the series "Couple not to match". The 360° technology used during the recording gave viewers the opportunity to move into the middle of the action and watch the adventures of the characters from different perspectives – by moving the image at will while watching. The same mechanism was used in Murapol's 360° ad. This allowed us to combine the unique entertainment content provided in with an innovative, interactive form of advertising.

The transformation of 2D apartment images into 3D and the addition of motion capabilities in Murapol's 360° advertising made the visualizations presenting the estates and apartments more attractive and dynamic. Thanks to the technology used, people looking for apartments could see them with their own eyes, walk around in them and feel as if they were really in a furnished interior. It made Murapol's advertising more than a marketing activity. It was a helpful tool that allows you to move into a finished and furnished apartment, take a walk inside and outside the building. In addition, it provided interesting inspiration on how to arrange an apartment.

Because the broadcast advertisement was clickable, interested people could quickly and easily learn about the details of the developer's housing offerings. Whizz was responsible for the creation of the ad (



The results of campaigns using 360° advertising turned out to be up to 4 times better than those using more traditional formats.

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